Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tips from

  1. Replace Lost Needs. Most habits fulfill a purpose of some kind, even if the side-effects are negative. You might watch television to relax, even if you have other things you would rather do. You might eat junk food to feel full, even if it isn’t healthy. Consider what you are giving up in your habit change and make an effort to replace those lost needs.
  2. Write It in Ink. A commitment inside your head isn’t a commitment at all. Keep a binder where you can store written commitments for habit changes. Not only will writing reinforce a promise to yourself, it will clarify your thinking as to what exactly you want to change.
  3. Commit for a Month. Resolve to stick to your change for at least thirty days. Less than this and you are likely to fall back into old habits. Three to four weeks is all it takes to condition a new habit.
  4. Keep a Journal. Open up a new word document and commit to writing a few sentences each day about your progress. I’ve found this method helpful in reminding me about my commitment and helping me focus on the change I want to make.
  5. Strategic Enjoyment. One way to create more positive feedback is to structure your habit so it becomes more fun. Going to the gym isn’t the only way to exercise if you hate it. Eating tofu isn’t the only meal option for vegetarians. Look for ways you can make a new habit more enjoyable.
  6. Think Years, Not Months. A diet that consists of grapefruit and water isn’t going to provide nutritional needs to last your whole life. Work on creating changes to your diet, work, exercise or routines that can be sustained for years. Crash diets and 18-hour workdays will eventually break.
  7. If You Slip Up, Start Over. I consider a habit change complete when I can go thirty consecutive days. If you slip up and break your habit on the 3rd, 15th, or 27th day, start over. This keeps you from cheating on days with the excuse that you will resume the day afterwards.
  8. Behavior First, Results Later. Don’t let watching the scale or your bank account discourage you when trying to change a habit. The correct change in behavior has to come before any results start to appear. Focusing too much on losing weight, working less or being rich and throw off your attempts to form good habits.
  9. One Habit at a Time. Don’t tackle several changes at once. Successfully conditioning one habit change is more useful than giving up on a half dozen changes after a month.
  10. Learn From Mistakes. This one is pretty obvious, but it’s surprising how many people when they fail to make a change, go back to using the exact same strategy. Figure out why you failed previously, and don’t be too quick to blame willpower.
  11. Consistency Counts. A habit that is performed the same way, at the same time and under the same conditions every day for a month will be reinforced far more strongly than one that changes throughout the week. Be consistent and you can spend less time reinforcing a habit.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Day of Acomplishment

Yesterday was a day of great accomplishment. One of my goals was to get my own car insurance because I had been under my mom's before. That was taken care of with one phone call and a stop by the bank. Though it was set up by the fact that I had asked for my old job back at Hypercel and was able to pay for insurance.

I also went on two fantastic dates yesterday. One in the morning with my friend Stephanie Garayoa. We went out for breakfast then went to the Getty. The latter helping me get one museum closer to having gone to 20 museums. It was pretty cool getting to know Stephanie better. The exhibition the Goats Dance: Photographs by Graciela Iturbide was rad. Bellow is my favorite picture from the exibihition

In the evening I went out with this girl that is kind of a friend, but is really closer friends with two of my other friends. So she is kind of a friend of a friend. I had heard how cool she is, so I figured I should hang out with her more. I asked her out a while ago but stuff kept me from setting a date to go out.

We went out for Thai food then we drove around and saw Christmas Lights. It was a real laid back fun date. So all in all it seems like I haven't been walking which is awesome goal to work on but I have been taking care of other things.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Day 102

I was kind of hoping to do a day 101 post but alas I was way to busy yesterday to do that. Well in reality I was not as busy as I would like to pretend.

I am really excited about my goals still and they are in many ways the focus who I am. But I do not focus on them as much as I would like. I am pretty stoked up about the fact that 2 weeks ago I started working at the company I was working for before I decided to run my own business. This is goal related because it has limited the amount of time that I have to work on my goals. Plus it since a lot of my goals cost money it will help those be accomplished. Though the severe lack of time has interfered with my favorite goal of walking 90 minutes a day. It has been a few weeks since I have done that I really need to get back into that habit.

The whole having a day job has already helped me to pay off one of my debts which was money owed to the Gym so now I can start going again which is awesome. I have been talking to a few of my friends about working out with them so it should be good times.

I have been reading through the Bible though it is much slower going than I would hope. The main regret is that I haven't been reading the other books I need to read. I though I have been extremely slowly reading Pride and Prejudice, The Magicians Nephew, Wild at Heart and The Little Prince. So hopefully this year I will have one of those done.

Today I was planning my first trip to Nashville that will count toward my goals and figuring out when I can take classes at COC.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Progress from a Numeric Perspective

Many of my goals involve doing the same thing several times so I took the number of times I need to do that actoin and devided it by 1001 the multiplyed that number by 85 to see how many times I should have done that by today.

Times Done Goal Total Goal
Bible Read 0.0575 0.1698 2
Photoshop Hours Practiced 11.0000 85.0000 1001
Dates Gone On 5.0000 8.5000 100
Mueseums Visited 1.0000 1.6000 20
Blog Enteries Writen 62.0000 85.0000 1001
Poems Writen 12.0000 12.1400 143
Weddings Filmed 0.0000 0.4245 5
Guitar Hours Practiced 0.0000 85.0000 1001
Times gone to Disneyland 0.0000 0.5094 6
Times Visited Tenesse 0.0000 0.2547 3

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Life of a Non-drinker

So in the past 8 days I have had several opportunities not to drink. The way I see it is that I am only really exercising my goal of not drinking for 365 days at times when I would normally drink but have to choose not to. This combined with the fact that I was hanging out with some family that are alcoholics and the way the talk about alcohol is completely different than the way I fell about it. The where mentioning how they can't see the point in drinking only one drink. I know that food has a similar pull to me. Only recently have I seen any pleasure in portion control or self restraint. But last night is was slightly a bummer to not drink even though I all of my friends had a beer and I would have had one or two and it would have been a good time. But in the long run I feel better that I am accomplishing this goal and fulfilling a commitment I made.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day 75 I Feel Like a Lazy Bum

I was looking at the list of postings and there was only one for nearly a whole month then it made me feel even worse to realize that I didn't even do a day 60 or day 70 update. So here I am on day 75 and I haven't been walking which annoys me. I have kind have still leveled out with the weight loss around 250 lbs. It was cool for several days I was at 248 which made me feel cool becuase I was 288 back in March. So that means I had lost 40lbs but I gained a little weight or drank some water and got back up to 249.
I am super close to being done with my accessories website. Which is exciting though the problem right now is I have a lot of things in the works but I am not keeping up on them. I stalled out on reading the Bible. I haven't been walking, I haven't finished the CD and Board Game lists. I haven't been practicing photoshop. I haven't been going on dates. I fell asleep during Ben Hur. It has been ruff or really lazy going lately.
Though I have a new resolve seeing how close I am to day 100 or 101. I am not sure which is the more significant day. Hopefully I will have a lot to say on both days. I hope that I will have a lot accomplished buy then and a whole new set of things in the works. Plus I am going to update the in Goals done or in Progress Side Bar. Now it has all of the accomplished goals on top and and the ones I am working on below. I am going to break it up into two lists once there are 21 things on the list.

Friday, November 16, 2007


I started my quest to go see 20 museums. It was with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. It was quite fascinating and really inspired me. It showed me that I could do so much more with my artistic abilities. I feel like I am very creative and like making things but I waste a lot of time surfing the internet and sleeping.

It was amazing to see what other people have done with there talents. I was especially impressed by the Marcel Ducamp's chess board with no squares. Cosima Von Bonin's exhibit was one of the most engaging artistic experiences that I have ever had.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 50 Update

My goals have become a very significant part of my life. I have been trying to acomplish as many as possible as as quickly as possible. So far I have only accomplished 7 of the 101. From the perspective of accomplishing a certain number of goals per day I am still ahead of schedule. Though there is a certain since that I am mostly accomplishing the goals that are easiest to acomplish. Plus I am not even doing all of the easy to acomplish ones that quickly. So as time progresses we will see how things go.

I feel that I will be a completely different person at the end of the 1001 days. From one perspective it seems totally natural because 1001 days is a long time. Though it seems like it is more significant than that. I think the goals are a coming of age process. It feels like I am becoming a man through these goals. Which may seem weird since I am already 30 but like some other men I know I don't fully feel like I have become an adult yet. It may be do to the fact that I don't have kids but it also seems to be a lack of accomplishment. I think of the quote from Braveheart, "All men die but not all men truly live." It seems like seeing God help me acomplish my goals and striving to do great things is helping me to live like a man.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Invite 300 people in one day to come to my church

The LORD is such an awesome and wonderful God. He is truly able to acomplish anything, there is nothing he can not do. I was thinking I would devote all of today to inviting people to come to my church. But in turned out that I was not able to the whole day like I had wished. I was thinking I would compromise and start the night before and go for 24 hours. But I ended up not doing that so when I woke up this morning I was thinking that I might not have time to invite 300 people to church. Though God worked powerfully and even though a few people told me there would not be enough people at College of the Canyons on Friday for me to invite 300 people. I was able to talk to well over 300 people and it did not take as long a time as I thought it would.

Plus I was able to invite most of the members of the COC football team who seemed genuinely interested in coming to our Bible Talk on Tuesday nights. Hopefully the football team will start coming and we will see some of the get saved.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

2 Dates, Wicked and Some Wicked Traffic

So this weekend was a weekend greatly consumed by dates and a 15 big rig pile up on the 5 freeway. The first thing I heard about on Saturday morning was a big accident on the Freeway and how part of it might have collapsed. All day that was the major topic of conversation everywhere I went. The traffic prevented met from helping my friend Rob move and made caused major delays most everywhere I tried to go. It took about 35 or 40 minutes to drive 5 miles. It was extremely frustrating to me until I realized that God would take care of it all and in the end everything worked out.

It also caused some major changes in my plans for my date on Saturday. But it seemed like God must have had other plans then mine because every thing work out great, even though from my perspective things got messes up. We ended up going to this amazing Indian food place and then we drove down to the Valley. We ended up just walking around but I felt very taken care of by God and I had a lot of fun with my date. I got to Chat with here which can be weird for me but it was cool. Plus we went over to borders which is fun for me because I love books and words.

Then Sunday we where still suffering from some traffic problems, but we made pretty good time to get down to meet with my buddy Charles in North Hollywood after church. Once we got to North Hollywood Charles drove. His plan was that we take the subway to Hollywood then go to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles before we saw Wicked. Which turned out to be one of Tabitha's(my date's) favorite places to eat. It is a great soul food place that has some fantastic Waffles. The one in Pasadena also has fantastic Red Beans and Rice but the where only ok at the Hollywood location.

After that we walked around Hollywood for a while. We went to Ameboa and then went to the Lottery at wicked. It was kind of tense for me because I didn't bring my ID so I was worried we would not win. Though it worked out cool because Stephanie won to Tickets for her and Charles then Tabitha and myself where able to buy some tickets on the side for a reduced price. Though I felt kind of embarrassed because the side tickets where $40 more than the front row seats so Charles and I didn't have enough money so we had to borrow some from the girls. Which help me to be humble and ask for help.

While we where walking around and waiting for the Lottery I had a lot of time to talk to my Tabitha and learn about her. We have gone to church together for several years but I hadn't really hung out with her too much so it was cool to learn about her and her family better. I had a great time making a better friend which is the whole reason for the 100 dates goal. Plus it is fun to get out of the house.

So it was really one of the most amazing weekends and it helped me to get closer to the 100 dates, helped me to get closer to God and to be able to cross seeing Wicked off my list of goals.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Around the World in 80 days

So today was a crazy day. It was the first time I had to work more than 41/2 hours at Starbucks so it left me kind of tired then I am about to go on a date and I hear my date yelling at one of my best friends to shut up. So it was a tad weird.

But it was all up from there. My date and Charles got changed into purple and green and we went to pick up Charles' date and wonderful times ensued. We came back to my amazing house and made dinner it was just some frozen food but it was good. We had some salad while the main course was cooking. The we had some shrimp and linguine which was followed up with some cheese ravioli and with a pesto sauce. Then for dessert coffee and some lemon sorbet by the fire. Well almost the girls thought it too cold to eat the sorbet out side and it was windy so the fire was a bit crazy so being outside didn't last too long.

After dessert we watched Around the World in 80 Days another good academy award winner. It was totally a classic movie. They really don't make movies that way any more. The only problem with the movie is that certain scene where needlessly long. The movie is over 3 hours and while it is a great movie it could have easily lost 45 minutes. Though when the process of watching all of the best picture Oscar winners is done I may have great feelings about the Academy Awards.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Joy of Acomplishment

Today is day 31st day of my 1001 day project. Things are moving right along. The main thing that I am getting out of this project is the knowledge that it feels wonderful to be accomplishing things.

A lot of times I can look back at years past and think not a lot has happened. So often I will settle for spending my time watching TV and surfing the internet for hours and hours. Not really doing any thing very fun or productive. It seems like even when I am spending time with my friends life is kind of just wasting away, like sand through an hour glass. Even at work, being in sales, there is never a point when you are done. Even when you are having a great month and are doing way better than your goal you still need to sell more.

So it is nice to have these clear cut goals, where once they get crossed off the list (or even when just part is done) I get a great feeling of accomplishment. Today I spent some time trying to catch up on my bible reading and when I was able to update the blog from 8 days completed to 11 it was amazing.

That said I am hoping to get a lot done in the next few days. I want to have my room cleaned today and start the process of keeping it clean for a month. Plus I am going to walk for 90 minutes today so today may be the first day of crossing everything off of my To Do list. I also want to try and watch 3 of the Academy Award Best Pictures Winners(AABPW) by Sunday night. Speaking of that I have 2 of my 100 dates scheduled for this weekend one of witch involves watching an AABPW. So I will write about how the dates went on Monday. Plus I want to have my board game and CD collection lists done by tomorrow afternoon. So hopefully the "Goals Done or In Progress" section of my blog will be much longer in a few days.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Walk 90 minutes per day for 120 days

Out of the last four days I have walked for 90 minutes twice. I don't get any credit toward my goals unless I walk 90 minutes per day for 120 days in a row. So it takes a lot of discipline. This is a goal I really want to acomplish, though the reasons have slightly changed since I have taken a few stabs at trying to accomplish it.

I put it on the list because I know that walking is a great way to louse weight. Plus it takes discipline to devote that much time during the day to walking. Though I have realized that there are some psychological and spiritual benefits to walking that I hadn't thought of. Ever since I was in Middle School I have always done my best thinking while walking.

Todays walk was awesome. I prayed for the first 20 or Thirty minutes which was great. It was wonderful to get some things off my chest. I have been trying to come to grips with my uncertainty about this woman I like and have been trying to grow in my faith that God will take care of it.

Many times I don't believe that God will answer certain prays I pray. Like to get married or for my car to not run out of gas. So it was great to think about Gods love for me and think about how as my father he wants to provide for me and how he is able to do immeasurably more than all I ask or imagine.

So today walk was great, I really hope that will inspire me to make the time to walk for the next 119 days.

[Update I was not able to make time to walk on Tuesday so I am back to needing 120 days.]

Film/ Edit 5 Weddings

I have been talking about the goals a lot lately. It has been very helpful in accomplishing them. People have offered to help me, plus talking about them has helped me to think about my goals . It also creates opportunities to acomplish my goals.

Like the other day I was talking with some friends about my goals and I realized they are going to get married in December. So I asked them if I could create their wedding video. They where very excited to give me the opportunity, and even offered to pay me. But I felt that it would be better to do it for free. It will save the some money which I am sure they are tight on and it help me start my portfolio. Since filming 5 weddings is kind of a longer term goal it was good to get this one wedding set up.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Departed 2007 Oscar Winner Best Picture

I have never been a big fan of the Academy Awards. So when I took up the goal to see all of the best picture winners I wasn't really sure what I was getting my self into. I just watched The Departed so I am glad I am a little closer to being able to cross of a goal. Plus the movie was amazing. It was a great mafia movie with very little mafia cliche.

The mob was Irish not Italian. The guy going after the mob was a member of the mob while it there is an under cover aspect so one of the mobster was actually a cop. Plus it was really cool how the movie seemed to be rapping up but had me guessing for the next half hour. This is probably news only to me since I am the only person on earth that is out of touch with popular enough not to have seen this movie.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Read the Bible

So I have for the most part been reading the Bible every day since I started the 1001 day project but I haven't been really committed to any plan and haven't really been keeping track of what I was reading so I searched for a read the Bible in 365 days on Google and came across this plan from the great people at Bible Gateway. This goal seems like it will be an average goal. While it doesn't require money which I feel all of the hardest goals do (because I don't have any money) it does take time and discipline. And my lack of discipline makes me feel like I never have time so, I am pretty excited for this new challenge.

DayToday's Scripture Reading
Day 1Genesis 1-3
Day 2Genesis 4-6
Day 3Genesis 7-9
Day 4Genesis 10-12
Day 5Genesis 13-15
Day 6Genesis 16-18
Day 7Genesis 19-21
Day 8Genesis 22-24
Day 9Genesis 25-27
Day 10Genesis 28-30
Day 11Genesis 31-33
Day 12Genesis 34-36
Day 13Genesis 37-39
Day 14Genesis 40-42
Day 15Genesis 43-46
Day 16Genesis 47-50
Day 17Exodus 1-3
Day 18Exodus 4-6
Day 19Exodus 7-9
Day 20Exodus 10-12
Day 21Exodus 13-15
Day 22Exodus 16-18
Day 23Exodus 19-21
Day 24Exodus 22-24
Day 25Exodus 25-27
Day 26Exodus 28-30
Day 27Exodus 31-33
Day 28Exodus 34-36
Day 29Exodus 37-40
Day 30Leviticus 1-3
Day 31Leviticus 4-6
Day 32Leviticus 7-9
Day 33Leviticus 10-12
Day 34Leviticus 13-15
Day 35Leviticus 16-18
Day 36Leviticus 19-21
Day 37Leviticus 22-24
Day 38Leviticus 25-27
Day 39Numbers 1-3
Day 40Numbers 4-6
Day 41Numbers 7-9
Day 42Numbers 10-12
Day 43Numbers 13-15
Day 44Numbers 16-18
Day 45Numbers 19-21
Day 46Numbers 22-24
Day 47Numbers 25-27
Day 48Numbers 28-30
Day 49Numbers 31-33
Day 50Numbers 34-36
Day 51Deuteronomy 1-3
Day 52Deuteronomy 4-6
Day 53Deuteronomy 7-9
Day 54Deuteronomy 10-12
Day 55Deuteronomy 13-15
Day 56Deuteronomy 16-18
Day 57Deuteronomy 19-21
Day 58Deuteronomy 22-24
Day 59Deuteronomy 25-27
Day 60Deuteronomy 28-30
Day 61Deuteronomy 31-34
Day 62Joshua 1-3
Day 63Joshua 4-6
Day 64Joshua 7-9
Day 65Joshua 10-12
Day 66Joshua 13-15
Day 67Joshua 16-18
Day 68Joshua 19-21
Day 69Joshua 22-24
Day 70Judges 1-3
Day 71Judges 4-6
Day 72Judges 7-9
Day 73Judges 10-12
Day 74Judges 13-15
Day 75Judges 16-18
Day 76Judges 19-21
Day 77Ruth 1-4
Day 781 Samuel 1-3
Day 791 Samuel 4-6
Day 801 Samuel 7-9
Day 811 Samuel 10-12
Day 821 Samuel 13-15
Day 831 Samuel 16-18
Day 841 Samuel 19-21
Day 851 Samuel 22-24
Day 861 Samuel 25-27
Day 871 Samuel 28-31
Day 882 Samuel 1-3
Day 892 Samuel 4-6
Day 902 Samuel 7-9
Day 912 Samuel 10-12
Day 922 Samuel 13-15
Day 932 Samuel 16-18
Day 942 Samuel 19-21
Day 952 Samuel 22-24
Day 961 Kings 1-3
Day 971 Kings 4-6
Day 981 Kings 7-9
Day 991 Kings 10-12
Day 1001 Kings 13-15
Day 1011 Kings 16-18
Day 1021 Kings 19-22
Day 1032 Kings 1-3
Day 1042 Kings 4-6
Day 1052 Kings 7-9
Day 1062 Kings 10-12
Day 1072 Kings 13-15
Day 1082 Kings 16-18
Day 1092 Kings 19-21
Day 1102 Kings 22-25
Day 1111 Chronicles 4-6
Day 1121 Chronicles 7-9
Day 1131 Chronicles 10-12
Day 1141 Chronicles 13-15
Day 1151 Chronicles 16-18
Day 1161 Chronicles 19-21
Day 1171 Chronicles 22-25
Day 1181 Chronicles 26-29
Day 1192 Chronicles 1-3
Day 1202 Chronicles 4-6
Day 1212 Chronicles 7-9
Day 1222 Chronicles 10-12
Day 1232 Chronicles 13-15
Day 1242 Chronicles 16-18
Day 1252 Chronicles 19-21
Day 1262 Chronicles 22-24
Day 1272 Chronicles 25-27
Day 1282 Chronicles 28-30
Day 1292 Chronicles 31-33
Day 1302 Chronicles 34-36
Day 131Ezra 1-3
Day 132Ezra 4-6
Day 133Ezra 7-10
Day 134Nehemiah 1-3
Day 135Nehemiah 4-6
Day 136Nehemiah 7-9
Day 137Nehemiah 10-13
Day 138Esther 1-3
Day 139Esther 4-6
Day 140Esther 7-10
Day 141Job 1-3
Day 142Job 4-6
Day 143Job 7-9
Day 144Job 10-12
Day 145Job 13-15
Day 146Job 16-18
Day 147Job 19-21
Day 148Job 22-24
Day 149Job 25-27
Day 150Job 28-30
Day 151Job 31-33
Day 152Job 34-36
Day 153Job 37-39
Day 154Job 40-42
Day 155Psalms 1-5
Day 156Psalms 6-10
Day 157Psalms 11-15
Day 158Psalms 16-20
Day 159Psalms 21-25
Day 160Psalms 26-30
Day 161Psalms 31-35
Day 162Psalms 36-40
Day 163Psalms 41-45
Day 164Psalms 46-50
Day 165Psalms 51-55
Day 166Psalms 56-60
Day 167Psalms 61-65
Day 168Psalms 66-70
Day 169Psalms 71-75
Day 170Psalms 76-80
Day 171Psalms 81-85
Day 172Psalms 86-90
Day 173Psalms 91-95
Day 174Psalms 96-100
Day 175Psalms 101-105
Day 176Psalms 106-110
Day 177Psalms 111-115
Day 178Psalms 116-120
Day 179Psalms 121-125
Day 180Psalms 126-130
Day 181Psalms 131-135
Day 182Psalms 136-140
Day 183Psalms 141-145
Day 184Psalms 146-150
Day 185Proverbs 1-3
Day 186Proverbs 4-6
Day 187Proverbs 7-9
Day 188Proverbs 10-12
Day 189Proverbs 13-15
Day 190Proverbs 16-18
Day 191Proverbs 19-21
Day 192Proverbs 22-24
Day 193Proverbs 25-27
Day 194Proverbs 28-31
Day 195Ecclesiastes 1-3
Day 196Ecclesiastes 4-6
Day 197Ecclesiastes 7-9
Day 198Ecclesiastes 10-12
Day 199Song of Songs 1-4
Day 200Song of Songs 5-8
Day 201Isaiah 1-3
Day 202Isaiah 4-6
Day 203Isaiah 7-9
Day 204Isaiah 10-12
Day 205Isaiah 13-15
Day 206Isaiah 16-18
Day 207Isaiah 19-21
Day 208Isaiah 22-24
Day 209Isaiah 25-27
Day 210Isaiah 28-30
Day 211Isaiah 31-33
Day 212Isaiah 34-36
Day 213Isaiah 37-39
Day 214Isaiah 40-42
Day 215Isaiah 43-45
Day 216Isaiah 46-48
Day 217Isaiah 49-51
Day 218Isaiah 52-54
Day 219Isaiah 55-57
Day 220Isaiah 58-60
Day 221Isaiah 61-63
Day 222Isaiah 64-66
Day 223Jeremiah 1-3
Day 224Jeremiah 4-6
Day 225Jeremiah 7-9
Day 226Jeremiah 10-12
Day 227Jeremiah 13-15
Day 228Jeremiah 16-18
Day 229Jeremiah 19-21
Day 230Jeremiah 22-24
Day 231Jeremiah 25-27
Day 232Jeremiah 28-30
Day 233Jeremiah 31-33
Day 234Jeremiah 34-36
Day 235Jeremiah 37-39
Day 236Jeremiah 40-42
Day 237Jeremiah 43-45
Day 238Jeremiah 46-48
Day 239Jeremiah 49-52
Day 240Lamentations 1-3
Day 241Lamentations 4-5
Day 242Ezekiel 1-3
Day 243Ezekiel 4-6
Day 244Ezekiel 7-9
Day 245Ezekiel 10-12
Day 246Ezekiel 13-15
Day 247Ezekiel 16-18
Day 248Ezekiel 19-21
Day 249Ezekiel 22-24
Day 250Ezekiel 25-27
Day 251Ezekiel 28-30
Day 252Ezekiel 31-33
Day 253Ezekiel 34-36
Day 254Ezekiel 37-40
Day 255Ezekiel 41-44
Day 256Ezekiel 45-48
Day 257Daniel 1-3
Day 258Daniel 4-6
Day 259Daniel 7-9
Day 260Daniel 10-12
Day 261Hosea 1-3
Day 262Hosea 4-6
Day 263Hosea 7-10
Day 264Hosea 11-14
Day 265Joel 1-3
Day 266Amos 1-3
Day 267Amos 4-6
Day 268Amos 7-9
Day 269Obadiah
Day 270Jonah 1-4
Day 271Micah 1-3
Day 272Micah 4-7
Day 273Nahum 1-3
Day 274Habakkuk 1-3
Day 275Zephaniah 1-3
Day 276Haggai 1-2
Day 277Zechariah 1-3
Day 278Zechariah 4-6
Day 279Zechariah 7-10
Day 280Zechariah 11-14
Day 281Malachi 1-2
Day 282Malachi 3-4
Day 283Matthew 1-3
Day 284Matthew 4-6
Day 285Matthew 7-9
Day 286Matthew 10-12
Day 287Matthew 13-15
Day 288Matthew 16-18
Day 289Matthew 19-21
Day 290Matthew 22-24
Day 291Matthew 25-28
Day 292Mark 1-3
Day 293Mark 4-6
Day 294Mark 7-9
Day 295Mark 10-12
Day 296Mark 13-16
Day 297Luke 1-3
Day 298Luke 4-6
Day 299Luke 7-9
Day 300Luke 10-12
Day 301Luke 13-15
Day 302Luke 16-18
Day 303Luke 19-21
Day 304Luke 22-24
Day 305John 1-3
Day 306John 4-6
Day 307John 7-9
Day 308John 10-12
Day 309John 13-15
Day 310John 16-18
Day 311John 19-21
Day 312Acts 1-3
Day 313Acts 4-6
Day 314Acts 7-9
Day 315Acts 10-12
Day 316Acts 13-15
Day 317Acts 16-18
Day 318Acts 19-21
Day 319Acts 22-24
Day 320Acts 25-28
Day 321Romans 1-3
Day 322Romans 4-6
Day 323Romans 7-9
Day 324Romans 10-12
Day 325Romans 13-16
Day 3261 Corinthians 1-3
Day 3271 Corinthians 4-6
Day 3281 Corinthians 7-9
Day 3291 Corinthians 10-12
Day 3301 Corinthians 13-16
Day 3312 Corinthians 1-3
Day 3322 Corinthians 4-6
Day 3332 Corinthians 7-9
Day 3342 Corinthians 10-13
Day 335Galatians 1-3
Day 336Galatians 4-6
Day 337Ephesians 1-3
Day 338Ephesians 4-6
Day 339Philippians 1-4
Day 340Colossians 1-4
Day 3411 Thessalonians 1-5
Day 3422 Thessalonians 1-3
Day 3431 Timothy 1-3
Day 3441 Timothy 4-6
Day 3452 Timothy 1-4
Day 346Titus 1-3
Day 347Philemon
Day 348Hebrews 1-3
Day 349Hebrews 4-6
Day 350Hebrews 7-9
Day 351Hebrews 10-13
Day 352James 1-3
Day 353James 4-5
Day 3541 Peter 1-5
Day 3552 Peter 1-3
Day 3561 John 1-3
Day 3571 John 4-5
Day 3582 John, 3 John, and Jude
Day 359Revelation 1-3
Day 360Revelation 4-6
Day 361Revelation 7-9
Day 362Revelation 10-12
Day 363Revelation 13-15
Day 364Revelation 16-18
Day 365Revelation 19-22

Sunday, September 16, 2007

How to Build a Desser???

So I was thinking about what goals may be the hardest and take the longest. I figure even if I am not ready to start the goal now I need some preparation for some of my goals. One of those is building a dresser. I have never done wood working other than stripping down a end table my step-mom had bought at a garage sale.
So I was looking on line at sites that might help me know what to do.

I came across this link to the full instructions in popular mechanics. It sounded really cool since it was made out of cherry wood. But then I decided that I did it was completely what I was looking for and it look hard.

Then immediately after I saw another popular mechanics link to a kids dresser which actually seems more like what I am going for but I am not sure yet.

But I am beginning to see a trend that building a dresser is not something to be put off until the last minute. Well I will keep looking.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Internet Surfing Hell - Blogger Play Edition

So I have fallen into an internet surfing rut. I need to prevent my self from doing things that don't come to an end. I think I have spent the last 6 or 7 hours looking a Blogger Play. It is a website that shows you pictures that people are uploading to their blogger accounts. Plus the pictures have a link to the blog that they are going to. So I have been lazily browsing the pictures and some times the blogs for hours upon hours. I know it is just a Sunday but I have a lot of things to do I really shouldn't have wasted all that time. The problem is there really is no end to it after a few seconds some one else will always up load a picture.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Music Blog/ Recap

So I started a music blog for my friend Zee Kewlmin (isn't that the most awesome name ever) it can be found at The only entry so far is a retrospective documentary on Becks album Mellow Gold. I highly recommend you take a look at it.

Well it has been 1o days ( I am on the 11th) and checking off the goals has been pretty hard. I have done 5 of the 101 items on my list which from one perspective is really awesome because to be on track I would really only need to acomplish one goal every 9.9 days. But from what may be a more realistic perspective I am just eliminating all of the easy goals. My fear is that when I only have hard to acomplish goals left at one point and then I will get discouraged and quit. Well lets hope for the best.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Photoshop

I have always wanted to be an artist. Though I have some eye hand coordination problems as a result of a mysterious fever I had when I was a little kid. So see working on Photoshop projects as being a forgiving way for me to express my self artistically.

This desire to be an artist has made my 1001 hours of practicing Photoshop pretty easy. For some reason there are a lot of tutorials on changing normal pictures to be Pop Art pictures. This latest tutorial is from Melissa Clifton at It shows you how to turn a photo in into a Lichtenstein-esque masterpiece. I need to do a little more time practicing on this tutorial, and there is another tutorial that shows you how to outline the photo by making it a line drawing. Here is the result of my practice.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Photoshop Practice

I found this website that has a lot of Photoshop how to videos. I spent a couple of hours watching some then I worked on this project to make a Pop Art photo. So here is what came of all the time and work.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Calling Ron

When I made my list of goals, I knew that two things on the list where really easy. The only reason I had them on the list is I had been procrastinating doing them for a month and a half. It probably took a total of 30 minutes to take care of both goals. But I think it was a small milestone for me.

I am not really sure why I was so nervous about calling Ron the minister at my church. He is a really cool guy. I had seen him a ton of time been over to his house several times so it is really weird. I think I was afraid because I didn't want to ask and be told no. It was a really good talk. He told me that I should have talked to him sooner and that I need to be more humble. It was good to hear that and to get some practicals from him.

Financial Aid

This morning one of the goals I decided I wanted to acomplish today was filing for Financial Aid. This seemed like it would be one of the easy goals on my list. I started it on 9/4 the first of my 1001 days and figured it should be no sweat. Though a week went by and I hadn't been able to acomplish the first step in filing. I figured out the problem my spam filter was blocking the email from the US Department of Education. I don't have a spam folder so there was no way to retrieve it. I figured that this would make life really hard. Though I was able to call the financial aid customer service and get an answer in less than a minute. It was amazing hopefully I will be able to cross this off today.

Update: I was able to file for Financial Aid it took about an hour and a half.

Friday, September 7, 2007

101 Goals

It took me a couple of days to finish but here are my goals. Near the end I had to look online for a number of my goals. I am a little scared that it will be impossible to finish but in a way that is the whole gun of the list.

Learn To Snow Board
Climb Mount Whitney
Go White Water Rafting
Go Camping
Ride a Mechanical Bull

Create a Accessories Website
Film/ Edit 5 Weddings
Get paid to Film a wedding
Make a Wedding Video Website
Talk to Ron About going being in full time Ministry

Learn to play all the songs from American Recordings I on the guitar
Make 20 Jesus Videos
Make Road trip book
Participate in National Novel Writing Month
Practice Photo Shop 1001 Hours
Practice Playing Guitar 1001 Hours
Publish 100 copies of Poetry Book
Publish 100 copies of Road Trip Book
Take a drawing Class
Write 1001 blog entries
Write 143 poems
Write book of poetry
Make a scrapbook
Start A Music Blog

Go to the Opera
Go see a Ballet
Go to 20 Different Museums
Go see Wicked

Accomplish To do List for 90 days in a row
Clean My room
Don't Drink Alcohol for 365 days
Keep My Room Clean for a month

File for financial aid
Get Admitted to a 4 year college
Get an Associates Degree
Get enrolled at COC
Graduate from COC with a 3.7 or higher
Take and pass a Spanish Class

Buy a car
Buy a Mac Book Pro (around $3500)
Buy a Video Camera
Buy an new cell phone
Buy an SLR Digital Camera (around $1000)
Call Ron About Money for Going to Camp
Get Car Insurance
Save $5000 for Emergency Fund
Pay of all my debts
Start an IRA
Buy a 32GB Ipod Touch

Collect Board Games
Collect CDs
Write a list of Board Games to collect
Write List of CDs to collect
Watch all Best Movie Oscar Winners
Watch all Best Documentary Oscar Winners
Send a Postcard to Postsecret
Watch Every Episode of the Simpsons
Watch all of Alfred Hitchcock's Movies
Go To Disney Land 6 times

Bench Press my Body Weight
Do 100 Push-ups in 100 secs
Do Yoga once a week for 6 months
Get a Physical
Get Cavities Filled
Get Wisdom Teeth Removed
Join FA
Run a Marathon
Walk 90 minutes per day for 120 days
Weigh 200 lbs
Learn to Break dance

Read 99 books
Read all of Shakespeare's Comedies
Read all of Tom Robbins Books
Read all of CS Lewis Fiction

Invite 300 people in one day to come to my church
Invite 800 people in one day to come to my church
Memorize Psalm 119
Raise money for 10 kids to go to Preteen Camp/ Teen Camp
Read the Bible a 2nd time
Read the Bible
Start A Household

Go to Canada
Go to Chicago, IL
Go To Disney World
Go to Germany (Estimated Cost $1500)
Go to Japan
Go to New Orleans, LA
Go to New York, NY
Buy Tickets for Olympics
Go to Paris
See the Coral Castle
Swim in the Atlantic Ocean
Drive across the whole I-40
Go to Nashville 3 times
Drive across the Whole I-10

Build a Coffee Table
Build a dresser
Get my social Security Card
Write List of 101 goals
Fix up my Mountain Bike
Go out on 100 dates

Well I have accomplished one goal and that is to write the list of 101 goals. So and that took a lot longer than I thought so I am really worried that I am going to give up on my list or not accomplish it on time. Though the latter wouldn't be that bad, I really would like to do all this in the time limit.

The Begining

I was reading Life Hack and I came across this project that I figure would help me get my life in order and procrastinate at the same time. It was an article about making 101 goals that you want to accomplish in the next 1001 days.

So I figured that the 4th was a great day to Start because the 1001st day would be May 31st 2011. I like that cause that is about when the Spring semester of my local community college will be over and since I have a goal to go to school I figured it would be perfect.