Wednesday, April 9, 2008

To Do List 4/9

Fold Up Blankets Done
Time With God Done
Review Goals Done
Update Goal Blog Done
Go To Work Done
Organize Google Reader Done
Get My Hair Cut Done
Find Out If I Need A Smog Check* Done
Figure out how often I need to go on dates** Done
Email Kent*** Done
Make 49 Cold Calls Done
Create Customer Email List Done
Finish The Psychic Soviet Undone
Read Vampirism and Vampirilogy Undone
Work on Memorizing Psalm 119 Done
Midweek Service Done
Walk 90 Minutes Done
Do 45 Minutes of Cardio Undone
See how much weight I can bench press *****

**One every 9 days.
**** I talked to him in person
***** I can bench 110 lbs plus the bar so I am guessing 135lbs

Sunday, April 6, 2008

To Do List 4/6

Fold Up Blankets (Done)
Time With God and Charlie (Done)
Sunday Service (Done)
Go To Charles' House (Try to Find ATM Card) (Done)
Go to Dinner at Domel's (Done)
Clean Up Photo's For Hypercelonline (Done)
Walk For 90 Minutes
Lunch With Guys (Done)

: ( I did everything but walk today.